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The Cornerstone Mission

Searching for the perfect language school to suit your needs can be a taxing exercise. With globalization and the multiplicity of schools around the world, your decision is all the more difficult. Before you feel dwarfed by the countless possibilities, we at Cornerstone ask you to simply ask yourself two fundamental questions: Firstly, “Will I really learn from this institution?” And secondly, “How can I apply this education to my real world?”

What you know and how you apply it must work handinhand in order to achieve success. Programs and books are not enough. It takes people and resources to inspire a passion for learning in every individual. This is our mission: To provide the highest level of enriched learning; to empower students to achieve their highest potential.

The Cornerstone Commitment

We are dedicated to producing students who are well equipped to further their careers and aspirations in life. We can do this for three reasons:

  1. We understand you, the student. We know what it’s like to learn another language in a foreign place.
  2. We teach with excellence and practicality. The quality of our staff is our greatest asset.
  3. We serve with commitment and professionalism across the board. We know that individuals learn in different ways. Therefore, every student is required to be counseled by our staff. Your success is our success.

One on One

While classroom studies enhance your learning experience, supplemental oneonone conversational English studies will rapidly accelerate your proficiency in the English language. Students are encouraged to take advantage of this highly specialized instruction.

Computer Lab

We use the computer lab extensively for instruction. We welcome the endless opportunities for learning through the latest technological advancements in the educational field.

Cultural Immersion

You are invited to immerse yourself in a culture where the English language is the native tongue. Learning a language takes place outside the classroom as well. We assist you in finding a home through our homestay program and encourage you to participate in our student activities where we take part in the culture through daily and special events.

Individual Counsel

Assessing where you are and where you need to be as a learner requires individual attention. From the moment you arrive until you graduate from our course programs, your placement and progress are evaluated by our staff. We counsel you in the present, we direct you for your future. We desire your success in your collegiate and professional aspirations.

Student Driven

The language program at Cornerstone is designed with you, the student, in mind. You are the reason why we exist. Our goal with this philosophy is to develop your language skills as rapidly as possible. The classroom is directed to foster learning at the optimum level where teachers interact with students in an open and friendly environment.

English Only Policy

In order to provide a focused learning experience, Cornerstone has a strict policy regarding the use of languages other than English on campus. We reserve the right to suspend students who do not observe this policy.

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