Your decision about where to live while studying and visiting in Toronto is very important. It is a crucial part of your overall learning and traveling experience abroad. No need to worry, Cornerstone is here to help. Cornerstone offers all its students three options for living in Toronto. These include: Homestay, Roomstay, and Residence accommodations. These options are suitable for all types of students looking for a unique Canadian cultural experience.

♦ Homestay Program


Students looking for a Canadian family experience will love our homestay program. In this program Cornerstone places students with a host family living in Toronto. Students will be provided with a private bedroom equipped with a bed and storage space for student belongings. Students can expect to be given access to laundry facilities, linens and towels, and home-cooked meals according to their meal plan.

Students can choose between a 2 meal per day plan (breakfast & dinner), or a 3 meal per day plan (breakfast, lunch & dinner). Some houses offer computer and internet access as well. Students are to be treated as another member of the family, and therefore should expect to be treated no differently than anyone else in the home. Our homestay families are located all around Toronto, with an average travel time of 20-60 minutes from school. Homestay families are selected by Cornerstone’s Homestay Coordinator, according to student preferences. Students will enjoy having a Canadian family of their own in our Homestay Program. Former homestay students have stated that socializing with host family members is a great way to practice and improve their English communication skills!

♦ Roomstay Program


For those looking for a mix of independence and family comfort, our Roomstay Program is a perfect fit. Roomstay is similar to homestay, only it is without meal plans. In this accommodation students are expected to purchase their own groceries and prepare their own meals.

Students interested in this program have the option of living in a host-family home, or living in a student-only house. In both cases, students have access to a private bedroom, kitchen and laundry facilities where they are to look after themselves. This is a great option for students who enjoy the responsibility of taking care of them selves, but would like the comfort and experience of living with family members and/or students.

♦ Homestay Coordinator


Cornerstone’s Homestay Coordinator will be organizing your living experience in Toronto. Should you have any questions, concerns or problems with your accommodation our Homestay Coordinator will be there to help. Students can book appointments any time with the Homestay Coordinator to discuss issues related to their living accommodations.

We encourage all of our students to speak to us about any problems or concerns so that we can help them have a safe and enjoyable stay in Toronto. Students will receive a detailed orientation package about their accommodation on their first day at Cornerstone.

♦ Top 5 reasons why students choose Homestay:

  1. Safety & Comfort = Students staying in homestay feel very safe because they come home to a family who cares for them every night. They feel safer knowing a family is there to help them and look out for them when needed. Students also enjoy homestay for the comfort of living in a fully furnished house where they have access to household appliances, television, internet, and a phone.
  2. Cultural Experience = Living with a Canadian family is one of the best ways to expose oneself to Canadian culture. This way students experience first hand how Canadians live and carry out their daily lives.
  3. Meals = Depending on the student’s meal plan, in homestay most meals are prepared by their host-family. This saves each student a lot of preparation, time and most importantly, money.
  4. Practice Speaking English = Staying with a homestay family is one of the best ways for students to practice their English! By spending time with host family members and socializing with them students will speak English more often to communicate, and as a result will begin improving their English speaking level. This is one of the best ways to improve speaking ability in English.
  5. New Family & New Friends = Homestay is a great way to make new friends. Many students develop strong friendships with their Canadian family members and stay in touch for years. Often students revisit their host family years later.

♦ Airport Pickup and Drop Off


Airport service is provided from Toronto Pearson International Airport to the Homestay and vice-versa. Students/agents must notify Cornerstone of their flight itinerary well in advance. Please note there is a separate charge for this service.

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