Everyday life at CAC

Your life at Cornerstone

School starts at 8:45am

  • Welcome,
    Greetings and Orientation

    Upon arrival, Cornerstone staff will be anxiously waiting to meet you. You will be asked to sign in and given a Student Orientation Package. Then you will go to our student lounge to meet the new students and the Cornerstone staff. The staff will introduce themselves and go over the Student Orientation Package with you. You will learn all about Cornerstone’s classes, policies and procedures, as well as about life in Toronto. We are all here to help you with any inquiry or problem you might have.

  • Language Placement Assessment: Written Test

    Students take our written placement test. It evaluates your listening, reading and writing ability. The test takes about 1 hour to complete. Depending on your score you are placed into one of the Cornerstone levels.

  • Oral Interview

    The second part of the language assessment test is an individual interview with one of our teachers. The teacher will be evaluating your pronunciation, vocabulary and fluency of the English language. The interview takes approximately five minutes.

  • Meeting with Counsellors

    When you have finished your language assessment, you will meet your Counsellor. The counsellors will check that you have understood everything from the orientation and you will be able to ask questions in your own language if you want. The counsellors will also gather information from you, for example, photocopies of your passport and health insurance.

  • Neighbourhood Tour

    Once Orientation and the language assessment is finished there will be a walking tour of our neighbourhood. A tour of downtown Toronto or Vancouver will show you where you can have lunch, study, go shopping, and hang out with friends. The tour will help you to learn the location of important places and services that you will need.

  • Getting Your Timetable

    You will know your class schedule and teacher(s) the next day on Tuesday morning. Your name will be posted on our big class list wall. Be sure to find your name so you can find your class. The counsellors will be ready to assist you and take you to class so you don’t get lost.

The First Week

The first day is the orientation day. Your classes will start on Tuesday morning. Your teacher will let you introduce yourself to the class and you will receive a warm welcome from your teacher and classmates. In the first week, there are a few things to do.

  • Get your student card.
  • See our Student Bulletin board. You will find a variety of activities that you can do.
  • You may request to change a class if it isn’t what you were looking for.

Coming to a new school in a new environment can be a lonely experience. Fear not! At Cornerstone, we are dedicated to making you feel comfortable. Trust us, the second week will be easier.

The Last Week of a Session: Evaluation/Class Selection

One session consists of four weeks. At the end of each session, students will receive their Student Evaluations, and will also submit an anonymous ‘Student Feedback’ form for the classes you are taking. You will be asked questions about your classes, teachers, and the school. We use your feedback to improve Cornerstone.

Your Last Day at Cornerstone

It’s finally here, and you can’t believe it’s time to say goodbye to your teachers, classmates and your new friends. We are so proud of all the students who graduate from Cornerstone. It is a very emotional time for staff, students and teachers. Students who completed their study program can receive a certificate if they pass and maintain over 80% attendance. Remember to get your friends’ contact information before you leave so you can keep in touch with them.

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