10 Effective Treatments To Revitalize Dry Hair

Have your hair weakened and damaged by chemical treatments or dyeing? We’ve found 10 perfect products to take care of your hair.

Dry, brittle, shiny hair that looks almost like straw? Unfortunately, this is the reality of many women, but treating them is not an impossible mission! There are plenty of options for moisturizing balms and serums to give them the strength and nutrients they need. We have selected the treatments for sale on Amazon that will make your hair shiny and soft as silk.

What should I do to permanently repair damaged hair? There are no magic formulas. We have to treat them intensively and constantly with good quality products and suitable for our hair type. A good product used in the right way is the right way to revitalize your hair and keep it healthy.

Why Does the Hair Dry?

Healthy hair contains about 10% moisture. Hair becomes dry and damaged if the sebaceous glands of the scalp do not produce enough sebum to hydrate the hair to the ends.

Often the production of the sebaceous glands is not enough, especially if you are in contact with external factors that attack the hair: UV rays, salt water, too frequent coloring, exaggerated exposure to heat (for example if you often use a hair dryer or straightener), inadequate care or hormonal fluctuations.

Products That Help To Care For Dry Hair

If you feel that your hair needs more intense care, try rebuilding treatments, which bring back the nutrients that your strands lack and have powerful moisturizing agents. Be careful with surfactants (washing agents that create foam), because they tend to dry out even more hair.

Moisturizing shampoos or serums are also a strong ally for treating dry hair. Those with vegetable oils, keratin, panthenol and unsaturated fatty acids in its formula are ideal for effective hydration of the scalp that will also strengthen the sebaceous glands.

If you feel your hair is heavy and often dirty, use detoxifying products with algae, marine minerals and aloe vera in their formula, and if your hair is stressed and damaged, apply products without rinsing, such as balm or serum. Following these instructions, we have selected for you 10 fantastic products that will intensely care for your hair and make it wonderfully elastic.

L’Oréal Paris Botanicals

We don’t like the “Botanicals” collection by L’Oréal Paris: all the products in this line are made of natural substances, without silicone, parabens or dyes. This balm without rinsing is a real miracle cure for dry hair: enriched with safflower oil, soya and coconut, it softens the hair and gives it a special shine. The application is simple: you just have to spread a walnut on your dry or wet hair.

Moroccanoil Treatment

To strengthen dry hair, we discovered this magical product: the treatment with Moroccan oil. This product is different from conventional moisturizing products: instead of leaving them heavy or greasy, argan oil strengthens and restructures hair damaged by external and chemical factors, also protecting it from future stresses. This treatment can be applied to dry or wet hair (in this case first rub them with a towel then a little ‘with a towel). The product immediately penetrates the hair and stimulates its regeneration.

The intensive care of Dr. Schedu Berlin

Dr. Schedu Berlin’s intensive care cream is a treatment that perfectly revitalizes dry hair without unnecessary additives: this brand has renounced the use of silicone, parabens, paraffins, ammonia and formaldehyde. Another good news: it is a 100% cruelty-free brand (products are not tested on animals). The ingredients are purely natural: aloe vera, keratin, collagen, jojoba oil, argan oil and shea butter, which strengthen the hair and avoid split ends. Apply it after shampooing, massaging 2-3 nuts of product into the hair. Leave to work for 5-10 minutes and rinse thoroughly with water.

Thermal protective spray with OGX coconut

Iron curling irons, straighteners and hairdryers can stress your hair, but sometimes the heat is necessary to have a perfect hairstyle. In this case, a thermal protective spray is essential! The OGX coconut spray contains natural coconut oil and moisturizing bamboo extract. This product not only pampers our hair, but also the scalp, which is often dehydrated as a result of excessive heat.

Olaplex No. 3 Hair Perfector

Olaplex is an American brand of excellent hair care products! Some time ago its products were only available in the USA or in the best hairdressers but, now that Amazon is there, you can buy it online with just one click! Olaplex No. 3 hair serum is applied once a week to repair the hair or prepare it for the next colouring. Simply massage the product into slightly wet hair (first wipe it off a little with a towel) and then distribute it with a brush. Leave the product to work for at least 10 minutes: if you want a more intense effect, simply extend the duration of the application. Rinse the hair well and then wash it with the shampoo as usual.

Regenerating mask Tigi Bed Head

Nourishing masks are extremely effective in the care of dry hair. We love this Tigi Bed Head mask, an English brand normally available only at some hairdressers and now finally also available on Amazon Italy. The advantage: this product is suitable for all hair types: it moisturizes, strengthens and stimulates growth.

Aura Botanica of Kérastase

The Aura Botanica collection by Kérastase is suitable for damaged hair thanks to cuddle oil and argan oil. Silicon and sulphate-free, this serum is very nourishing and intense and is perfect for revitalizing dry hair. Apply it before washing your hair, wait 5 minutes and then wash them normally.

Uniq One revlon-free spray mask

After each wash, dry hair must still be treated and protected from external factors. This Revlon Uniq spray has revolutionized the world of hair styling: it is the first rinse-free hair mask to be applied as a spray. This product is especially good for stressed hair: you can spray it on your hair both after showering and during the day. It is very efficient to untangle any knots and its scent is wonderful!

Nourishing shampoo with OGX coconut milk

If you are looking for a product to revitalize your hair after damage caused by chemical treatments, this OGX brand coconut milk shampoo is the ideal choice!

Shampoo Shea Moisture

Shea Moisture brand products are an absolute success in Amazon reviews and this shampoo is one of the best selling. Based on shea butter, this product serves as a complement to the moisturizing treatment of hair stressed or damaged by excess heat (such as frequent use of straighteners or hair dryers), salt and UV rays.

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