Balayage Bob: the Helmet With Lightening Is the Trend Of Summer 2019!

The balayage bob is one of the hair trends of summer. Short, longer – in lob version – with hints of lightening or more decisive, here are all the cooler versions of the balayage bob!

You know, the helmet is one of the most popular short cuts ever, and even the hair fashion of summer confirms it. But, according to the trends of the season, it will be the balayage bob that will win the best place. What is this about? It is a helmet, shorter or shorter, animated by lightening on the lengths made with the technique of balayage, undoubtedly the coolest coloring according to the color trends of summer.

In the name of that naturalness so praised by the hair fashion of summer 2019, the balayage allows you to give discreet and refined plays of light, making the color warmer and more vibrant. Unlike the shatush, the balayage is more homogeneous and natural, going to move the hair in a light and super chic way.

In general, there is a tendency to think that balayage performs best on medium-long canopies, yet the summer is here to remind us the opposite: delicate and hinted lightenings are, on the other hand, very wearable even on medium-short cuts. And so the balayage bob comes to our rescue, allowing us to suggest dynamism and greater depth with short or medium-short cuts.

Balayage Bob, Classic Version!

Here is a classic example of balayage bob: the roots remain dark or natural in colour, while the lengths come alive with delicate, warm lightening, in perfect harmony with the colour of the base. Usually you opt for a color of 2-3 shades lighter, just to make the hair vibrant and warm, maintaining a look as natural as possible.

Delicate and natural waves then help to amplify the play of color and brightness, making the hair even more vibrant and rich in nuances.

Balayage Lob, For Medium-Long Helmets!

Even long bobsleighers are happy to accept the summer trend! So here is the balayage lob, a longer version of the balayage bob, which always maintains the base of the natural color and focuses lighter shades on lengths and tips. Which colour to choose? From warm blonde or golden reflections to copper, up to brown, with its thousand shades: it all depends on the base colour to find the perfect combination for a warm and vibrant colour animated by evocative plays of light, which in any case give a sophisticated and super natural allure.

Short Balayage Bob: The Coolest XS Version!

With this short balaye bob, Olivia Wilde shows us that even an XS cut can be properly enhanced by lightening and delicate light effects. The American actress has chosen a balayage light, opting for golden blonde reflections that are not far from the basic ash color. The result is a sweet color full of movement that gives brightness and harmony to the face. Also in this case, super natural waves complete the hairstyle, making it even more chic and irresistible!

Balayage Bob Brunette: The Vibrating Helmet For The Brunettes!

On medium-short dark brown helmets, the balayage is able to give vibrant and luminous colour effects, transforming the basic colour into a suggestive colour rich in shades. From the coppery to the more chocolate reflections, up to a multicolored balayage that skillfully mixes several shades, making the dark brown base a true kaleidoscope of colors, for a super vibrant effect, but 100% natural.

The secret, in fact, is never to deviate too much from the base: playing with the different shades of color for an irresistible mix and full of character that has nothing to envy to blond and golden hair.

Balayage Bob, The Strongest Version!

Always not exceeding the three degrees of detachment from the basic color, you can still dare with a balayage bob slightly stronger, opting for a color a bit ‘lighter and stronger to focus on tips and lengths. The result will always be natural but the detachment from the base, a bit stronger and with character.

In this case, however, it will be enough to keep to gradations that go well with the root, respecting the cold or warm tones that the base color naturally requires. The result will be decidedly more impressive but just as harmonious and evocative.

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