Brown Hair: Gold, Bronze or Copper?

Smokey, chocolate, warm shades of bronze, honey or copper reflections: do you know which is the right shade for your type of brown? Here are some rules to find out!

The brown, you know, is one of the most popular and appreciated by Italian women, but often, it can be a bit ‘off and opaque, especially at certain times of the year, it is for this reason that you use shatush, sunstroke and other techniques of discoloration, in an attempt to revive it and give brightness to the face.

But what shade of brown to choose? Better a warm color on the tones of honey or caramel, a coppered or smokey, colder and more intense? It’s all very simple: just look at the type of complexion you have. If the color of the eyes can be a good fact to keep in mind when choosing the hair color, it is in fact first of all the skin, and its degree, to represent the decisive element for not making mistakes.

In general, it can be said that if you have a dark, olive-colored or, on the contrary, very light complexion, the ideal choice will be a dark brown, tending to dark brown. If, on the contrary, we have a light skin with a peach undertone, amber or gold, we shall have to keep on the warm tones of honey, of bronze, or on the copper reflections, thus avoiding the cold tones.

But let’s look specifically at the various types of skin and the shades of brown most suitable for each.

Balayage: the Perfect Technique For Enhancing Brown

If you want to avoid a homogeneous color but prefer a more lively color, you can opt for the technique of balayage. Perfect for moving a chestnut, this technique can help you suggest brightness and soften irregular features or faces. Here is the video that explains specifically what this is about!

Olive Complexion: Dark Chocolate and Reflections On The Plum

In most cases, women with olive complexions also have black or dark brown eyes; it is therefore essential to indulge these tones with an equally dark brown, tending to dark brown. The ideal would be an intense chocolate, which can be enlivened by nuances on the tones of coffee or plum.

Golden Complexion: Brown In the Tones Of Honey And Bronze

If you have a golden complexion, and therefore warm tones, you should stay away from the cold shades. Forget smokey, dark chocolate and dark browns, which harden the features and turn off the complexion – excellent for dark and olive skins – and prefer the medium light brown, with golden reflections, from honey, to bronze, to caramel.

Amber Complexion: Light Brown, Caramel Or Copper-coloured Reflections

As for the previous one, we are talking about a warm undertone, so it’s better to avoid cold and strong colors and stay on warm and bright shades. No dark browns tending to dark browns or even blacks, prefer instead light browns in golden or copper tones, depending on your base. Choose the shades of honey, if you have a light brown base, better the golden and caramel colors if the base is darker, if instead it is slightly reddish, accentuate the warm undertone with copper or bronze reflections. In any case, avoid the cold shades of ash blonde, or even platinum, which do not enhance your warm amber skin tone.

Porcelain Cranium: Dark Brown And Broux

Contrary to what you might think, the ideal brown for women with diaphanous complexions is the dark one. The very light skin/dark hair mix is one of the most perfect and successful. Better to avoid the warm tones of copper, mahogany or caramel: it is precisely the dark colours that best enhance a cold complexion. If you want to create movement, choose shades on cold shades, staying away from warm golden and copper shades.

A perfect shade for porcelain-skinned women is the broux (find out what it’s about here), an intense chestnut with reflections on the tones of red, but declined more in the cool shades of chestnut than in the warmer ones of copper.

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