How a Laser Hair Comb Can Help Your Hair

Emerging from the wealth of supplements and topical solutions to help with hair restoration, is a modern tool that is getting some hair restoration practitioners really excited. The new kid on the block is the Laser Comb.

Lasers have been used in specialist clinics for hair restoration for some time now, but the technology has, in the past few years, been made available in the form of portable laser combs that can be safely used at home.

So How Exactly Does This Technology Restore Your Hair Growth?

The laser combs provide a low level laser light known as a cool laser which stimulates the scalp and in particular the hair follicle and blood flow to the follicle.

The energy from the laser light is able to penetrate to a specific depth within the scalp. This is determined by the wavelength of the laser light used in the comb. Typically the light can reach a depth of around 5 to 6 mm. In this way the laser is able to provide energy directly to the follicle and it’s blood supply. The improved blood supply to the scalp provides better levels of nutrients to the hair follicle and so the health of the follicle improves. The removal of harmful waste products is also more efficient as a result of the improved blood flow.

Laser combs vary in the number of laser light sources used as well as the intensity of the light. As a result each model has varying instructions for use, but a normal routine might comprise three session per week of about 10 to 15 minutes brushing. You will have to be patient though as results will take some time.

The effectiveness of the laser comb can be dramatically improved by combining it with a topical treatment such as monoxidil and a DHT blocking supplement such as Procerine. Taking this approach can produce noticeable results in around 12 weeks.

To further support the case for using a laser comb, the FDA gave approval to the HairMax Laser Comb as able to promote hair growth.

The cost of a Laser comb may at first seem high, but once paid for you can use it as long as you like. Compared to the ongoing costs of supplement or topical treatments, the laser comb can work out cheaper for a prolonged period of treatment.

The laser comb is certainly an effective treatment to improve the quality and strength of your hair and when used in an overall hair restoration strategy, can provide the results you are looking for.

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