Long Haircuts: All the Most Beautiful Hairstyles Of Summer!

Feminine and sensual, long haircuts are always a great choice, praised by the hair trends of every season. Smooth, wavy, with a central stripe, even or scaled, long cuts always offer many variations to choose from for super glamorous and simple hairstyles, able to suggest a chic and ultra-feminine allure that has no equal. But be careful to opt for the long cut suitable for you and your face, which is able to enhance its strengths and mask any defects and imperfections. In fact, it only takes a few small tips to show off the right long hairstyle and gain character and personality. And even the summer of is confirmed as a fan of long cuts, preferably to be shown off with a smooth styling and with some slight scaling on the tips and sides of the face for a voluminous but light haircut that will win everyone over.

Long Haircuts: Summer Celebrates Long And Straight Haircuts!

As we said, the fashion of spring summer especially rewards long, smooth hair that concentrates on slight scaling on the tips and sides of the face. If, in fact, for the medium-short cuts, it is the net measurements and at the same time they prevail, on the long size, the symmetrical lines so fashionable, give way to cleverly distributed scalings that allow us to obtain a full volume cut but light at the same time. We therefore welcome long cuts, ideal also for balancing and damping any facial defects and imperfections, in combination with the stripe in the middle or the fringe, preferably long and slippery or curtain. And styling? As mentioned above, if you want to show off a trendy look, opt for a natural smooth or a delicate move, the result of a natural drying. Whether you’re banning plates, defined bushings or impeccable beach waves, even for XXL cuts it’s naturalness that wins!

Long, Scaled Haircuts: The Best Ideas For Enhancing Your Hair

Especially if you have long hair, scaling is an excellent solution to give movement to a hair that risks being excessively full and shapeless. Together with tufts and fringes, it helps to make a long haircut more harmonious and lighter, or to give you volume where necessary. The important thing, however, in these cases, is to choose the right scaled haircuts to best enhance your long hairstyle.

As we said, scaled haircuts can be necessary for two different purposes: to lighten and give movement or, on the contrary, to give volume, especially if you have very fine hair or a hair that is not very thick.

Those who do not want to upset their own cut, can also intervene with light and invisible scalings just to give a little ‘of movement, removing heaviness and volume: this is for example the case of those who have very thick and thick hair, and want to break yoke or hair style from the tips to the hips. If instead you have long and fine hair, indulge yourself with ad hoc scales to create planes and give volume.

Not only the type of hair, but also the shape of the face is a key aspect to take into account when choosing a scaled cut. The long, scaled cuts are in fact the winning choice for those who want to strip off round and squared faces or suggest greater harmony with elongated oval and pronounced features. If, in fact, with round faces, the scaling must be concentrated along the cheeks, to break the horizontality of the face and dampen the full effect, the triangular faces require them from the area of the cheekbones, to break the verticality. In these cases, central parting, symmetrical short bangs and smooth spaghetti styling should also be avoided: a light undulating effect and a lateral tuft will help you to suggest greater harmony between the proportions. Long cuts are also ideal with heart- or diamond-shaped faces, as they allow you to soften pronounced edges and important minds, especially if you choose to concentrate the scaling in the area of the jaw.

Long Haircuts: Smooth, Wavy And Curly. All The Best Hairstyles!

As we said, the smooth style combined with the central hair removal is one of the winning pairs of summer. Chic and sophisticated, this hairstyle is a perfect choice for those who look at the latest fashions borrowed from the most up to date trendsetters overseas. Even a long, fashionable or curtain fringing fits in well with a natural smooth styling, especially for those with a long or triangular face that, with the stripe in the middle, would be even longer.

What about the long wavy haircuts? Even the wavy styling wins a special place among the hair trends of summer, as long as it is delicate and supernatural. For this season, abandon impeccable and ultra-defined beach waves – so fashionable in recent years – and opt for a light move, the result of natural drying. After all, the waves are romantic and sophisticated, soften faces and features and are able to enhance chromatic nuances, suggesting more movement to the hair. Perfect with the stripe in the middle, they allow you to smooth excessively strong and rigorous lines – which a smooth styling would inevitably involve – with a natural sweetness and harmony, which suits the great on particularly hard faces, oval elongated or rather angular and pronounced features.

Even the curly cuts respond to the call of the long, although, let’s remember, summer prefers medium-short for a gritty and feminine look. But in this case, watch out for fringes and stripes in the middle: to keep long wild and voluminous foliage at bay, skilful climber and side tufts on the run are without warp THE solution.

Medium-long Cuts: Hairstyles For Those Who Want A Half Size

For those who want a long, not excessive, that is more practical and manageable, the options are many and they are all among the medium-long cuts in the latest fashion, also loved by celebrities. Although spring summer 209 undoubtedly celebrates the triumph of short and medium cuts, the medium-long cuts are very well defended. The very long bobsleigh and long helmets, for example, are the spearhead of this section of hair fashion, which every season conquers many women, bewitched by the combination: length – synonymous with femininity and seduction – combined with priceless practicality. From full and symmetrical haircuts, such as the blunt cut, to shorter cuts at the back and longer cuts at the front, such as the collarbone cut – a real jewel of the summer of, especially in combination with a stripe in the middle or on the side – to the extra-large lob, available in all sauces and always the flagship of medium-long haircuts.

For those who prefer a more rock and disheveled look, here is the swag, medium-long cut derived from Seventies, also contemplated in a more XL version. Long, jagged fringes and eccentric, skillfully positioned runways make this super rock haircut a true manifesto of the most underground messy style.

Long Hair With Fringe: The Coolest Choices For Summer!

Slightly long fringe and fashion show or curtain: these are the two most fashionable alternatives from the hair trends of spring summer. Opt for the first one especially if you have angular or irregular features: it will help you to suggest more harmony, softening the proportions. Even with a round, long or square face it is ideal. In these cases, however, you can also opt for a lateral tuft, which breaks the verticality of elongated faces and streamlines a face that is too round and full. The curtain fringe, perfect especially with a smooth styling, is however the most fashionable choice for summer: with short, medium or long cuts, she is the real protagonist of the hair fashion of the season.

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