Medium Haircuts: All the Most Glamorous Hairstyles of Summer!

Medium haircuts have always been among the most popular trends for women and there is a reason: practical, versatile and easy to handle, they are perfect for any occasion and can enhance any type of face. Not only that, the medium length haircuts, which are also among the favorites of the hair fashion, lend themselves to many variations and interpretations; it is impossible, in fact, not to find the version that best suits you: from the classic medium size – very practical and full of charm – to the medium-short cuts up to the longer ones, full or scaled, such as the beloved long bob, among the absolute favorites. However, it must be said immediately that in this spring summer, the long or long bob helmet will come to a halt, being overcome by short to medium cuts. That’s right, the summer hair fashion celebrates the medium size but in its shorter version, even better if shown with a smooth or slightly wavy styling, for a real triumph of naturalness and femininity. As for the lines, on the other hand, great luck for the even cuts and yokes, especially in combination with the central casing, but will also be allowed slight scaling and slightly drawn fringes, without exaggerating with irregularities and asymmetries: remember, it is the natural look that dominates in spring summer!

But now let’s look specifically at all the most glamorous average haircuts to choose from for a medium-size that leaves everyone speechless!

In short, you will have understood well that if you are looking for a practical haircut that does not give up a touch of fashion, the medium length is just for you. But which of the many versions to choose? First of all, it must be said that the average cut par excellence is the helmet or bob Рfuller, carré model, or scaled Рwhose length can go from the chin to the neck. The choice of the length of your cut can depend on several factors, including the shape of the face and the type of hair, as well as of course the simple personal taste. It is important to try to choose a hairstyle that enhances us and marries well with our hair. If you have thick and thick hair, for example, the ideal hairstyle will be a medium-long scale only on the lengths, so as not to create additional volume on the high birth. Better to avoid, therefore, short to medium full cuts that would weigh down the already rather voluminous styling of the hair. On the contrary, medium and medium-short loin cuts Рso fashionable this summer Рcan be an excellent solution for those who show off fine, thin hair and want to create more volume.

But not only that, even the type of hair – smooth, curly or wavy – can influence the choice of hairstyle. For example, curly hair would normally prefer a medium to long length, better if not too full, so as not to become unmanageable; wild hair, in fact, tends not to get along too well with medium-short cuts, unless it is combined with ad hoc scales, cleverly designed to lighten everything. But in this summer, even curly hair gives way to midi hairstyles under the banner of short hair. In these cases, however, take care to avoid even haircuts and choose instead irregular medium-short cuts and slightly slipped for a full effect but light at the same time. Smooth and wavy hair, on the other hand, have an easier life and are able to range with greater freedom between medium-short or longer cuts, wild scales or full yokes.

Haircuts can then easily come to our aid to enhance our strengths and hide defects or small imperfections, so why not exploit them? For example, if you have a long or square face, the half size is undoubtedly the best choice: it breaks the verticality of the face in the first case and softens the proportions in the second, especially if you choose medium cuts climbed and slipped.

Medium Haircuts For Round Faces

For those with a round face, on the other hand, the medium-long cuts are ideal: also in this case, it is better to opt for scaling concentrated on the lengths that can help to strip off the face. Instead, avoid cuts that are too short and with full or yoke styling, which, as you can imagine, tend to further underline the roundness of the face. In this case, the wavy and wavy styling can be a further help, but remember, do not exaggerate in this summer that celebrates a hair fashion as natural as possible. Less impeccable and defined beach waves and more delicate waves, result of a natural drying. The sinuous movement of the waves, in fact, helps to make the proportions sweeter and suggests more harmony to the face. Green light then for you to long bobsleigh and helmets long fashion shows or more romantic wobs and helmets wavy move. Avoid, however, combining them with the stripe in the middle – definitely not suitable for those with a round face – and opt for a long, jagged fringe or a side tuft, both able to suggest dynamism and movement, perfect for breaking the horizontality of the face.

Medium Scaled Haircuts

As we said, medium scaled cuts – always among the most popular – are ideal for customizing hairstyles and making them perfect for your type of face, enhancing it to the best of your ability. You can choose a strong scaling for a dynamic and full of rhythm cut – perfect for example for those who have to break an oval too long or a face too square or angular – or a lighter one, concentrated only in some points, to move with class medium cuts that could be a bit ‘too monotonous.

Medium haircuts, climbed and paraded, are then a good choice if you have thick hair and you want to opt for medium length. If, in fact, the yoke, for the more voluminous or curly hair, would be quite challenging to show off and manage, here is that the use of scaling comes to your aid: in this way, in fact, you will make it a cut tailored to you, easy to manage and with an absolutely cool look. One of the most famous medium limes climbed is the swag, revival of Seventies atmosphere and punk-rock soul, which focuses on wild scale concentrated on lengths and a long fringe and jagged. It’s a perfect hairstyle for those with wavy or curly hair who want a cut full of character and personality.

Medium-Long Haircuts: Climbed or not, These are the Most Chic Choices!

Medium-long cuts are undoubtedly among the most chic proposals of hair fashion and even if the hair trends of summer reward especially short and medium-short cuts, it must be admitted that this measure always has an irresistible charm. If, in fact, medium or medium-short haircuts emphasize the most glamorous and fashionable aspect, giving a sparkling and jaunty air useful even for those who want to show less years and a more youthful look, medium-long cuts are ideal for those who want a medium length easy to handle but feminine at the same time, which also allows you to pick up the hair in romantic and chic hairstyles. This category includes one of the most popular cuts ever, the long bob. In addition to being a practical and chic hairstyle, it also has the great merit of being comfortable with everyone. In addition, it lends itself to many variants: smooth, wavy, longer in the front and short in the back, with a central opening, side stripe, tuft or fringe, in short, it is a cut with a thousand souls and personality become a true evergreen.

Designed also in the extralong version, for those who just can not give up the long, the lob is dressed in a thousand variations, which reward now symmetrical measures and on par for lovers of geometric rigor (blunt cut) now more dynamic versions that court asymmetries and irregular super fashion (collarbone cut). And it is precisely the latter that is the most loved among the medium-long cuts of summer with a shorter glam-chic version at the back and slightly longer at the front, perfect with a natural corrugated, according to the top trends of the season.

And let’s not forget the climbing versions! The medium to long cuts are in fact another great constant of the hair trends of every era and season. After all, we know that the scalings can allow us to create a made-to-measure cut that enhances us to the maximum and this is precisely one of the reasons for their great fortune.

Medium-Short Haircuts

It’s no secret that shorter cuts give you personality and liveliness, often taking away even a few years… well, if you love short size but don’t want to exaggerate, the medium-short cuts can be a good compromise. In addition, the spring summer considers them the coolest choice: so why not take advantage? In a more classy version, like the traditional au pair yokes, or more fashionable and glamorous, like unstructured helmets and super jagged bobsleigh, for medium-short cuts able to give a super cool and fashionable allure.

Medium Haircuts With Fringe

The fringe can be an excellent ally of long bobsleigh, swags and corrugated helmets. Very short and symmetrical, perfect if you have regular features, or long and jagged, to break round faces or too long, the fringe can definitely give a cool touch to medium cuts with little personality and enhance the best any type of face.

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