Short Haircuts: the Coolest Hairstyles and Ideas of Summer!

Short cuts, as you know, are among the most popular hair trends for women. Practical and fashionable, the short and very short hair stands out for an original and super cool look, capable of giving character and an irresistible glam-chic touch. But what xxs hairstyle to choose for your face? Here are all the most beautiful short haircuts from which to take inspiration for a hairstyle short and full of style that leaves everyone speechless!

Needless to say, even in the spring summer, short haircuts will be the real protagonists: among all, the bob or even helmet will come out, even better if combined with a stripe in the middle and a smooth styling, for a gritty and feminine look that will win everyone over. The summer hair fashion rewards more than ever naturalness and femininity, favouring cuts that are not too short but closer to medium size, with clean lines and natural styling and anything but impeccable. Very short cuts and xxs will therefore be preferred in their sweetest and most feminine versions: the green light is therefore given to pixie cuts and short bobs not too aggressive, but more chic and delicate.

But let’s go in order, and see what will be the coolest trends of summer in terms of short and very short haircuts.

Asymmetrical Short Haircuts

Very short pixie cuts, undercut cuts with visible shave and bowl cut with fringe or side tuft have always been some of the most appreciated choices in terms of very short irregular cuts and boyish look, but according to the hair trends of spring summer, to get the better of them will be their more “gilry” versions. That’s right, short male haircuts and super climbing will give way to sweeter and more sinuous pixie cuts that still suggest an idea of movement and lightness but with an unmistakable feminine touch. Lovers of cuts à la garçonne and jaunty looks can rest assured, this does not mean giving up completely, but softening the lines, combining a scaly and irregular styling, with a rock and disheveled soul, to a more refined and classy mood.

Short Hair: Helmet, Yoke and Short Bob

However, the short equal-sized helmet is the real protagonist of summer in terms of short cuts. The bobsleigh, on the other hand, has always been a beloved and evergreen cut, which is popular at all times and in all seasons. But that’s not all: it has many versions and is able to enhance any type of face. As we said, however, it will be precisely the yoke short bob – under the ears and better if combined with the stripe in the middle and a smooth and natural styling – to win in spring summer, which celebrates above all clean symmetries and a look as natural as possible. That’s why, in order to be really fashionable, you should wear it smooth or slightly wavy, avoiding perfect smooth and impeccable and super-defined beach waves: it’s the fresh and natural styling that dictates the law in summer!

The classic yoke, contemplated both in the version with a stripe in the middle and in the one with a fringe or side tuft, gives character and an irresistible chic touch and bon ton, making it perfect for those who want a unique and classy style. Avoid, however, choosing it if you have a round face – which would prefer instead delicate and ad hoc scaling – or features that are not very harmonious. In these cases, be sure to choose a scaled styling and possibly a side tuft that breaks the symmetries, giving harmony and movement.

If, however, you belong to the “team” of lovers of dynamic lines and climbing, don’t worry: even if summer prefers clean lines and symmetrical cuts, the unstructured bob, or scaled helmet, will still enjoy a certain reputation; thick scales, irregular and asymmetrical styling and a fake disheveled look are the ingredients of this trendy short haircut for women, capable of giving character and personality.

Among the infinite variations of the helmet, there is always a beloved variant that provides for short hair at the back and long hair at the front: an asymmetry that is played mostly on the lengths and that gives a super glam style, also much appreciated by celebrities. In short, also for summer, the helmet is dressed in a thousand options representing a trendy and fashionable choice.

Short, Scaled Hair

The short cuts are undoubtedly an excellent choice for those who want a look jaunty and full of brio and for those who want to hide imperfections and enhance the best of their face. That’s right, the short cuts scaled as well as being practical and fashionable, allow you to balance proportions, shade small defects and maximize strengths. From very short pixie cuts to short bobsleighs, through unstructured helmets and boyish cuts: whatever hairstyle you choose, scaling can help you make it a tailor-made cut, perfect for you, your face and your proportions.

For example, if you have a round face, scaled cuts will be your first choice. Better to avoid, however, haircuts that are too short and opt for medium-short hairstyles or slightly longer cuts. It would be good, in fact, to concentrate the scaling on the lengths and avoid going beyond the area of the cheekbones: in that case, in fact, you would create volume in the upper part and you would emphasize even more the horizontality of the face. While a longer cut that concentrates the scaling on the lengths would help you to deflect the face and suggest an idea of verticality, giving greater harmony to your proportions.

But then what are the short haircuts ideal for a round face?

Without a doubt, the helmets are unthreaded and the bobs unstructured not too short and any short cut that embraces an asymmetrical styling. In this case, for example, an important lateral tuft that descends on the face, breaking the symmetries, can help you to better enhance your face. Clearly avoid the yokes with stripes in the middle and the symmetrical fringes. If you love even cuts, take care to match them with a long and very scaled fringe or, even better, a jagged and asymmetrical lateral tuft.

And for those with curly hair? Here are the most suitable short cuts!

In summer, another great must-have will be the combination curly + short, one of the winning matches of the season destined to depopulate among fans of the most voluminous and wild hair. But be careful to deal with the volume of your hair… If your hair is an indomitable hedgehog, it’s a good idea to follow a few small tips, including avoiding full cuts, even-handed yokes and symmetrical fringes. Instead, opt for scaling, fringes or side tufts.

If you want a very short cut, also in this case, remember to focus on asymmetries, side tufts and more scaled lines. If you love fuller styling, the helmet can be right for you, but be careful not to exaggerate in terms of volume!

Short Hair: Ideas for Wavy and Straight Hair!

Women with wavy and smooth hair have an easier life, who can more easily range between very short cuts, even yokes, boyish cuts and short bobsleigh climbs. Your choice will depend more on the shape of your face and your hair type. Better to avoid, in fact, too full cuts and rigid symmetries if you have thick and thick hair, on the contrary, will be the choice to be preferred in case you show off fine and thin hair. If, on the other hand, you have a long and triangular face, the medium-short cuts will be the most suitable solution, better if scaled, especially from the top of the face to break the verticality and suggest greater harmony between the proportions. Even for square or heart-shaped and diamond shaped faces, scaling can help to soften proportions and smooth pronounced angles: in these cases, the ideal is always a medium-short cut scaled on the lengths that balances the disproportion between the upper part of the face and the lower one, with the most decisive and pronounced features.

Short Haircuts With Fringe to Choose From!

Fringe is always an essential must-have, and even in the summer of, although it dominates the midline trend, it is among the top hair trends to show off, especially in combination with short and medium-short cuts, ça va sans dire. You can choose it in the mini version with boyish cuts and very slim pixie cuts, symmetrical and on par with short bobsleigh and yoke – better if you have a face with regular features – and long and fashionable for a more rock and glam look, ideal for those who have a round face or need an asymmetrical and irregular styling. But the real queen of summer will be the curtain fringe, better if combined with short yokes or medium cuts that touch the shoulders. In short, whether you love very short cuts and male haircuts or more regular helmets and more feminine and bon ton lines, the fringe fits every choice. Take care to opt for a version that best enhances your face and gives character to your haircut.

Medium-Short Haircuts

For those who want a short cut but not too much, the options are still many. In this sense, the spring summer rewards, as already mentioned, the classic bobsleigh. A medium-size helmet that doesn’t touch your shoulders – like a long bob – but that’s not even too short, can do just that. Remember here to prefer a styling as natural as possible: helium or light corrugated, the result of a natural drying, as required by the fashion hair summer. Even the cuts generally considered of medium length, such as lob, rock cut swag and more romantic corrugated helmets can still be proposed in the xs version. Take care not to choose too short and full haircuts that can weigh down the oval, but rather focus on more dynamic and scaled versions to suggest movement and harmony. If you love wavy styling then, a medium-short helmet with natural and delicate waves, can be an excellent compromise between practicality, style and irresistibly glam touch.

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