The Process of Choosing and Using the Laser Comb

There are many companies and claims popping up in the market and on the internet today all touting the benefits of the laser comb to regrow hair. Research is showing that low level laser therapy (LLLT) is definitely beneficial to the hair follicles as its laser beams stimulate blood circulation to promote rapid cell growth. This brings nourishment and oxygen back to dormant hair follicles so your hair begins to grow in a normal, healthy way.

The laser hair comb works at the cellular level with your body’s own natural healing processes down to the level of the nerves and DNA. Use of this laser device can also correct the overabundance of a substance called DHT (dihydrotestosterone) triggered both by age, hormones and genetics that can begin to weaken hair on a follicular level, targeting the roots. This causes hair not to grow back after normal shedding.

Using the Laser Comb

Low level laser light (cool light from the red spectrum) emitted from the laser comb is applied to the scalp for twenty to thirty-minute sessions every other day. Each session involves moving the laser brush or comb in a pattern that covers the entire scalp in the twenty to thirty minutes. During this time, the user feels nothing other than the “teeth” of the laser hair comb as it passes through their hair and over their scalp. The true healing power of the laser treatment is in the controlled direction of the laser light to the parts of the body where and when they are needed. The best quality comb I have found contains 17 diode lasers, focused through clear conical shafts that are the “teeth” of the comb.

These supports keep the diodes a uniform distance from the scalp that allows for equal coverage on a curved head. Many manufacturers of less expensive types of laser brush or comb put a combination of lasers and LEDS (light emitting diodes) in their product (or only the LEDS) so that they may look the same, but they do not deliver the same results as a quality comb. The best part is that you can use the laser comb in the privacy of your own home. The best ones are battery operated, lightweight hand held devices with no power cords to contend with.

Many people ask if using the laser comb more often would be beneficial. However, the manufacturer’s recommendations follow FDA guidelines and should be adhered to closely. Another common question asks if the laser light penetrates through the thicker parts of the hair too. It does, and the proper movement of the laser device over the scalp ensures that all areas receive treatment. A quality laser comb uses the same safe LLLT as many dermatologists and doctors use in the clinical setting, and does not create heat or damage.

Your Choice of Laser Comb

Make sure you contact a reputable dealer and get the specifics on the number of lasers per comb, any money back guarantees, customer support, and their knowledge of their product. A valuable laser comb company should also be able to provide you with the information and sale of nutritional supplements directly correlated to hair and scalp health, and shampoos and conditioners that are sulfite free and cleanse gently while leaving no residue to clog the pores of your scalp.

A de-chlorinating water filter for your shower also helps with scalp health, and provides the best site possible for the laser comb to target. For a non-surgical, easy, all natural way to look and feel better about your hair and scalp health, investigate and choose a great product for you!

Carol is a freelance writer working in the healthcare industry for over 30 years. Her main interests are in promoting health care products that help men and women maintain their natural, youthful looks at any age. Her prime topic is the problem of hair loss, and strongly recommends the natural products available from Nutreve International Hair Therapy Systems.

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